About Us

We’re passionate about stickers at Sticker Sloth! Our website provides an easy-to-use online channel making it simple for the average Joe (or Jane) to find the latest sticker designs that fit their individual personality. We encourage the creative people of the world to brand themselves with affordable stickers and display them proudly. No matter if you are marketing your company, rooting for your favorite team, or just saying “hey, I like cats”, stickers are an awesome way to spread the word. We know stickers give off a certain swagger and Stciker Sloth is here to help everyone flaunt them with style. No matter if you stick them on a car window, electronics, forehead, or wherever they fit; stickers have been around for ages and they’re only getting better.


Our Story

Tell me if you have heard this story before – Two guys have an idea for a company which starts out in a garage.  One guy is a genius and a wiz with on the computer; the other is the idea guy.  Sound Familiar?  Yes, that is the story of Apple, and that is not the story of us.  To be fair, the only similarity is that StickerSloth.com was started by two guys that have garages.  Our story isn’t that different though when it comes down to it.  The Steve’s (they told us we can call them that) had a dream of creating something that was simple, fun, and entertaining.  We share that same dream.  We believe that everyone deserves the ability to express themselves in a fun and creative way.  To that end we founded Sticker Sloth.  To put it simply, we are a graphics company that exists to help you show off your character through fun and creative graphics. So please poke around a bit, and we hope you find something that you like.  If you don’t, then please drop us a line at info@stickersloth.com, and let us know what we might be missing.